A New Hope

New Hope, PA is one of my favorite little towns for so many reasons:
1. It's pretty.
2. Vintage, vintage, vintage.
3. Food, food, food.
My sister and I have been here on a regular basis for years, my parents used to come here for their getaways, we were here when I got the phone call that my offer was accepted on my house!  It's a fun place that makes me happy.  We went there on Sunday, which made me a little nervous at first, because it was pouring rain on our way, but it ended up being a beautiful day, not too hot, and perfectly sunny.  I bought books, Erin bought a dress for her upcoming vacation, and we visited 2 new shops that we fell in love with: Zinc Home + Garden, and Mill Crest Vintage.  It was a good day.

karla's (we didn't sit in the greenhouse this year)
karla's bar
karla's junkyard fries (yum!) 
looking towards lambertville

lambertville station
put away your cellphone (we saw this a lot)
these guys were dancing when we left the bookstore...
their only accompaniment was a woman playing an accordian and their own bells

the most UNBELIEVEABLE vintage shop - I was afraid to take more pics!
african violet ice cream 
lambertville, nj

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