I love this state.  I know there are other states that have mountains and trees and rivers and history.  Some of them have oceans.  But this one is mine, and it is full of people I love.


Road Trip!

There is nothing I love more than going somewhere else.  One of my favorite people in the world lives about 4 hours away from me, and that gives me the opportunity to road trip on a semi-regular basis.  Road trips for me are not the easiest thing - when normal people just have to worry about counting out enough pairs of underwear, I have additional counting to do.  I have to count pills, cotton balls, alcohol swabs, syringes, and make sure to freeze my ice packs and get my mini cooler ready.  I also am a chronic overpacker, which doesn't make things easier, because along with all my medical supplies and 3 cameras, this time I brought too many pairs of pants, not enough shirts, and zero socks.
All of these, of course, don't matter so much.  The fact that I have to pack all these extra things is simply a part of my life, and there's always Walmart for the things I forgot.  What does matter is that I had such a great weekend, celebrating Lisa's birthday, taking pictures, and making ridiculous crafts.  Somewhere in central PA, there is a balloon wrapped in yarn and glue, and I made it.  And I loved every second of it.


Oh hey, I'm in the bloglovin'.


You are what you love.

If I ever lose my phone, and someone tries to identify me via the photos, all they will see is cats.  They will think I'm a cat.  Here is a (small) sampling of all the cats I like.  They are Emilie, Esme, Gadget, Owen, Charlie, Daisy, Dappa and Tucker.