What I bought: Vintage!

This week, I acquired 4 new clothing items and a book:
1. Navy blue polka-dot shirtdress: VERY old lady, Union made, might be my Easter dress! 
 2. Grey empire-waisted Topshop dress. 

3. Frankie Welch-designed scarf, featuring "The Flames of Home Economics."  Not only do I love how pretty this is, but the subject matter is interesting... Frankie Welch was a designer who, among other things, made clothes for Betty Ford!
4. Boy Scout belt, from my dad.  
5. Twenty-Five Years A-Graying, a book written and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, (two-time winner of the Caldecott Medal and one of my favorite children's book authors), as a memento for her fellow Smith College, Class of 1938 graduates at their 25th reunion.  It's beautiful, and full of statistics about the grads, worked into a story about their lives post-college.  It makes me wish I was reuniting with them in '63, or at least hanging out in '38.