Around the house this Spring-timey week, including flowers from Terrain (A rose bloomed that way - I had no idea it would.  I don't even know if it's a rose.  And a loverly begonia, which is most definitely a begonia.), Esme having outside time, and sunshine on my stuff...


She's Having A Baby!

It's a little weird when your friends have babies.  It makes you consider your age - are we grown ups?  When did this happen?  This thought has recently been reinforced by the fact that my brother is about to be a father.  It's weird.  But it's also really exciting, and gives me a great reason to take a roadtrip to see my friend and her family, and have an extraordinary Easter dinner.  And it gives me a reason to go shopping.  A lot.

One of the things I love so much about Lisa is that she has a clear childlike sensibility - we both do.  We are, at times, silly girls.  We can see the world from a child's point of view - we find joy and beauty in simple things.  Like dying Easter eggs, and dressing up cats.

This quality not only helps us get along so well, it's going to help her be a great mother.  Lisa's ability to find humor and fun in small things will make the difficult times in parenting a little easier, and will help Baby Owen learn how to be a great person, just like his Mama.


Reading Terminal Market (aka Flower Shower, Part 4)

After the Flower Show, Lydia, Dan, and I headed across the street to have lunch at the Reading Terminal Market.  It's one of the most famous destinations, I think, in Philly, a place where any kind of food you want can be found: Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels, pickles of all kinds, Philly specialities (cheesesteak, anyone?), Nick's Roast Pork, and my favorite local treat, Bassett's Ice Cream.  This is the place where the food tv shows always go when they come to our city, and with good reason - we are a foodie town, full of restaurants of every kind, but this one-stop-shop gets you whatever you could possibly be hankering for!