Flower Show Three

Oh hey, I took a lot of pictures of flowers recently.  Here are some more:


Flower Show Part Deux

Here are some more flowers:
The bonsai are some of my favorites!  I really love the way they displayed them, in their own little (big) light boxes.  The best part of the flower show is how it has so many tiny little worlds, it really displays the art that can bring out the best of nature.  Also, Ranunculus are currently my favorite flower.  I can't get enough of them!

This bonsai is "approximately" 150 years old!


Flower Show, Part 1

The Philadelphia Flower Show is a competition and exhibition of local florists and gardeners.  It's gorgeous and fascinating and colorful, and I took way too many pictures to feature in one post, so it will be at least 2, maybe 3, and probably 4.  I went with my friends Lydia and Dan, and afterwards we experienced the crowded bustle of Reading Terminal Market, somewhere I hadn't been in a long time.

The theme this year was Brilliant!, and everything had a little British theme to it (including a Big Ben projection and a video featuring every British musician pre-1987).  But really, flowers spoke for themselves.