Car Show!

My dad gets free tickets to the Philadelphia Auto Show every year, a perk of being the employee of a dealership.  We (dad and the kids) all pile into the car, pick up Uncle John, and go look at (and sometimes sit in!) cars.
The highlight of this year was a girl letting my brother cross the rope and sit in his "dream car."  We were leaving the vintage section, and Tim told me he wanted to see the 1973 Porche 911.  As we looked, Tim crouched to see the car at eye level, one of the attendants spoke to him.  "Do you want to see it up close?"
"Really?" my brother asked.  She let him hop the barricade and look, then opened the door and let him sit, and opened the trunk (yes, it's in the back) and let him see the engine.    It turns out this specific vehicle was a very special edition, less then 250 were made (very few exist today), and this one had won a number of races in Europe.  THEN she gave him tickets to the New Hope Car Show in August! It was definitely Timmy's night.


a fiat, uncle john said it "fit" him.