Loving: The fact that my dad rode a mattress down the stairs yesterday. He's a grown up.  He just thought, hey, I have to get this mattress downstairs, why not do it in the funnest way possible?  And then he did.  He later told us riding a bike makes him feel free, but I have a feeling it's more than bikes that do that for him.

Reading: Let's Pretend This Never Happened, by Jenny Lawson - my friend Becky sent this to me in the mail, because she loved it so much, and thought I would too.  And she was right.  It's witty and clever, and Jenny uses words and puns the way people should.  She tells stories about her upbringing, which is so different from mine, and also very similar, specifically her relationships with her sister (I have two, but still, the sibling interaction) and her parents.  

Watching: Undeclared.  I'm so sorry it didn't last, and there isn't more to watch!  When I started out, it had to grow on me.  At the beginning, all I could think was that Freaks and Geeks is funnier, but I think Undeclared was a little bit more of a late bloomer, and it deserved more time.  It finally started to get laugh out loud funny and then it was over.  (It is not easy to make me genuinely laugh out loud.  Very few shows do this.  I find a lot of things funny, but just like a smirk or a giggle kind of thing.)  I thoroughly enjoyed the episode where Ron wrote the script to make the girls want to play Truth or Dare.  Judd Apatow should do TV again.  

Thinking about:
 Making a switchplate cover.  These instructions seem so easy, but I don't know what shape to make!  

Anticipating: The mini-vac I'm taking this weekend to the beach!  I can't wait, not just because it's a vacation, and because it's the beach, but because it's a beach I've never been to, and I just want to play with my camera.

  1. Antiques Roadshow was on.  2. I knew what to do for my birthday.  3. I knew how to make this headache go away.  4. That dumb kid didn't call me ma'am at the Acme.  5. I could marry this guy (I'm almost as obsessed as I used to be with Zach Braff).  6. I could see Old 97s in October!

Making me happy: My brother bought me a camera this weekend.  There's nothing like a Polaroid to make me a happy girl!

inspired by danielle at Sometimes Sweet :)

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