Please, Rain on my Parade.

On a commercial just now, the newscaster gave a 15 second weather report, in which he said something like, "Good news, the line of storms is weakening."  Why is this good news?  I mean, really?  It's 9:30 pm, no one is out having a picnic.  We don't need sunshine, we can't have it.  It's night time right now.
As a small child, I was not a fan of thunderstorms, and I know several small children who feel the same.  They're noisy, they're scary, they set my mom's house on fire when she was a teenager.  But you know what?  At some point I realized how completely fascinating they are.  The science involved in a thunderstorm is AWESOME.  I mean that in the actual definition of the word, not just in a Ninja Turtle kind of way, like how I usually use it.  I am in awe of the meeting of hot air and cold air and moisture and light being faster than air, and all of that.  It's incredible what our world can do.
And right now, since it's not ruining our day, and it's cooling us down so that we aren't sweating through our pj's, can we just take a second and ENJOY it?  What did that weatherman want, anyway?
(This opens up a whole other set of questions, and my brain immediately goes to the way society is right now, and how we're always looking for something to complain about, etc., etc., etc.)

My point, right now, is this:  There is no better lullaby than the rain.  Good night.  I mean it.

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