A Shower for Megan!

For those of you unaware, my brother is having a baby!  Well, his girlfriend is having a baby.  He's just waiting for the little guy to arrive.  And that means that our family is about to become bigger by one tiny little guy, and when he is born, so will be born a Nana, a Poppy, 3 aunts, one daddy, and one mommy.  Every one of us is about to change.
We held Megan's shower 2 weeks ago at the Haverford Reserve, which was a lovely venue for a lovely day.  Our families mingled for the first time, having come together to celebrate the coming of Riley James Gallagher, who will be here in a just a few weeks.  Becky made the cake, and she did such a beautiful job!  I made all the paper flowers, Mom set up the rest of the decorations, we collaborated on the food and the little washcloth thank yous.  We asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card, so as you can see, Riley has a lot reading material, enough to last at least his first few years.  That doesn't mean I'll stop buying him books.
In the end, I think the day was a success.  The new parents received lots of much-needed items, and now, all we can do is wait for baby to show up!  I know Megan and Tim are going to be great parents, and Riley is going to be showered with so much love!  I can't wait to meet him!

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