Isaiah, 1 Year

Baby Ze celebrated his first birthday a few weeks ago (I've been extremely behind in the editing process!!) at his grandparents house.  He spent the day surrounded by friends both big and small, eating lots of treats, and pointing out every ball, balloon, and shoe he could see.  He is so alert and observant!  And in the weeks since I took these pictures, he became a true toddler.  It's crazy to see his mother's pictures and realize that he is now dancing, when he was just taking a few hesitant steps at the party.  But that, I suppose, is the only downside to childhood - how fast it goes.

The week before his birthday party, there was a driving rain storm, and as I was making my way home from work, I suddenly remembered another storm, less than 2 weeks before Ze was born.  Hilary and I met for dinner on a very hot, humid, rainy day.  She was uncomfortably pregnant, and having a hard time dealing with the weather.  And she had that funny look about her, that beauty that comes over someone before they are about to completely change.  She was ready for motherhood, although she was nervous.  I am so proud of her for the job she's done so far, and I think the photos prove that she, Gabe, and Ze are making quite the fantastically beautiful family.

These are just a few of the photos I took... there were too many to post all.  So you get my favorites.

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!  You are loved.

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