Stephen has a Birthday

Those of us that graduated in 2000 are having a big year.  We're slowly being forced to acknowledge that we are grown ups.  Some of us are married, some of us own houses, have children.  As someone said this weekend, "you know you're getting older when you need to have juice boxes at parties."

Steve and Jacqi are two of my most favorite people in the world.  They are a wonderfully kind couple with whom I have spent two evenings in the last month (which is to say, not all of these photos were taken on the same day).  They hosted me for dinner last week, and I returned this week for Steve's birthday.  It was a great party, with lots of friends and family, and tons of delicious food.  The only downside to the night was a selfish one - the end of Stephen's birthday means mine is just days away.  I dread getting to the big three-oh, but I'm absolutely thrilled to celebrate everyone else's.

I'd also like to point out that this week will mark Steve and Jacqi's 2nd wedding anniversary, and I wish them both many, many more years of happiness!

making friends 

cake time



mother and daughter 

trick candles!

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