Niagara Falls, USA

I spent 4 days last week outside of Buffalo, NY for work.  It was full of overwhelming computer information and delicious, unhealthy food.  We did take some time out one night to see what we could of Niagara Falls.  It was getting dark, and was extremely cold and windy.  The lower walkways were closed due to ice and the frozen spray whipping off the falls was our inspiration to look very quickly and go... my face hurt just looking at it!  I will go back someday and have the full experience - Canadian side, Maid of the Mist, the whole thing - on a warm and sunny day.
Regardless of the brief visit, I was still awestruck.  The water was incredible, and even from my obstructed view, the power of the falls was not lost.  Even in the quiet months, when the town was so clearly empty, and the tourists are gone, the water carries on, and it is enormous and beautiful.  All the lights and man-made distractions on both sides of the river, the casinos, the shops, can make it easy to forget the reason those things are there.  It's nature that brings the tourists, and someday when we are gone, that incredibly simple, incredibly powerful wonder of nature will still be exactly what it is: falling water.

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