A Tuesday Tune

So I was considering today what song I should post, and my iPod played 2 Rhett Miller songs in a row.  I feel that was some sort of sign.  I tried hard to pick which video, but apparently the man hasn't made many actual videos, so it was hard, and I eventually went with the song I wanted over the "quality" video.  So you have... no video?  Just listen.  How intelligent, and informed, and clever he is.  "Fugue state..."  Love this dude.

Also, FYI, Rhett and I have the same birthday.  Just some worthwhile useless knowledge that you'll never learn on Jeopardy!  Virgos are awesome.


  1. Virgos are awesome!!

    My favorite Rhett Miller is Fireflies with Rachael Yamagata.

  2. I just discovered that song yesterday - beautiful! I love both of them!