Punk Rock Flea Market

I heart the Punk Rock Flea Market.  It's a warehouse full of tables, featuring everything from crafts and art to vintage clothing to housewares, snacks (one table really had a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, a knife and a loaf of white bread.  really.), and oddities.  One table featured 1950s trivets and postcards, and the table next to it was handmade jewelery and prints.
The biggest difference between this year's (December) market (there's more than one a year) and last year's was the inclusion of some roller derby demonstration, which was pretty awesome.  I've never seen roller derby live, and while the participants were by no means competing, they were surely fun to watch!
In the end, my sister and I walked away spending very little but filling our little bag with some vintage scarves, a wool poncho (which I wore today, and love!), and a copy of Riki-Tiki-Tavi, a Rudyard Kipling story we read as children.  Not bad for a few hours on a rainy Sunday!

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