Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

No Doubt, circa 1995
So far, I haven't really chosen women who are, well, current.  They're either fictional or old.  Gwen is not either of those things.  Although she dresses like she's fictional most of the time, which is why she's this post's inspiration.
No Doubt, circa 2000

No Doubt, circa 2002
Gwen Stefani started out in the American consciousness as a kinda angry front woman in an era of pretty angry front women.  She is, however, one of a very few that have managed to still be relevant all these years later.  Where are you Shirley Manson?  Gwen grew with us, changed with us, changed us (you can try and deny it, but if you were a young girl growing up in the 90s, it's true), and is still changing.  She has evolved from a gym clothes/40s day dress/indian head jewelery-wearing girl to a sleek designing mother.  This all sounds kind of contrived, like I'm writing a blog that isn't mine.  But it's the only way I can describe my awe.  There is no one else in the current entertainment industry who has taken so many turns successfully, except maybe Madonna, and she never had pink hair.  Behold, my wonder, encapsulated here, in just a few stolen pictures, and one of my own. (By the way, that little note there is on the INSIDE of my original Hara Juku tshirt, (which is really old and has holes in it), so it's like a secret that's just for me.  And all the other girls who bought this shirt.  And anyone who looks at this picture.  Oh well.)
She's my biggest fan
Her own Sound of Music Fiddler on the Roof Hara Juku designs
When you google "Gwen Stefani wedding dress," google suggests you add "replicas" on the end.  That's how much people like her dress.  Girl knows what she likes.

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