Inspiration: The Bouvier Sisters

One of my favorite (and I have MANY) coffee table books is called One Special Summer. It's an illustrated account of Jackie and Lee Bouvier's adventures in Europe during the summer of 1951. Jackie drew the pictures, they both wrote the words. These are 2 women that inspired fashion and decorating not just in their prime, but even now, almost 60 years later. Lee was always the more risky of the two, the younger sister, bolder. Jackie married a Senator, Lee married a Prince. Jackie used history and tradition to redecorate the White House, Lee used exotic prints and stand-out details in her interior decorating. (I have to admit, Lee is my fav, but I love Jackie so much..) There isn't one stronger than the other, and together they are perfection.
ALSO: someday I will post about their insanely, loveably eccentric aunt and cousin.
But here, for your enjoyment, are the Sisters Bouvier:

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